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Books by Edward F. Edinger

ISBN 0-919123-13-9. 10 illustrations. Index. 128 pp. 1984. $25.00

This seminal work by the author of Ego and Archetype proposes a new world-view based on the creative collaboration between the scientific pursuit of knowledge and the religious search for meaning.

ISBN 0-919123-21-X. Index. 80 pp. 1986. $25.00

Penetrating commentary on the Job story as a numinous, archetypal event, and as a paradigm for conflicts of duty that can lead to enhanced consciousness. Full-page reproductions of William Blake’s 22 engravings.

ISBN 0-919123-23-6. Index. 176 pp. 1986. $30.00

Explores Biblical lore as a self-revelation of the objective psyche and a rich compendium of archetypal images representing humanity’s successive encounters with the numinosum (a.k.a. God, the Self, etc.). Many examples from dreams and more than forty years of clinical practice.

ISBN 0-919123-27-9. 34 illustrations. Index. 144 pp. 1987. $25.00

In prose and in pictures carefully selected from traditional art, the author examines in depth some essential stages in the life of Christ and in the lives of those who by choice or fate are called to a suprapersonal destiny.

ISBN 0-919123-44-9. Index. 112 pp. 1990. $25.00

Faust was Jung’s lifelong companion. Here the dean of American analysts shows that Faust is at once a psychological portrait of the modern psyche, a symbolic description of a depth analysis and a guide to understanding alchemy.

ISBN 0-919123-55-4. Index. 144 pp. 1992. $25.00

Answer to Job contains the essence of the Jungian myth. This erudite and down-to-earth study by the dean of American Jungians evokes that essence with unequaled clarity. Originally seminars at the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles.

ISBN 0-919123-67-8. 48 illustrations. Index. 112 pp. 1994. $25.00

Two concise essays on the union of opposites: “Introduction to Jung’s Mysterium Coniunctionis” and “A Psychological Interpretation of the Rosarium Pictures”—the alchemical drawings on which Jung based one of his major works, The Psychology of the Transference.

ISBN 0-919123-66-X. 90 illustrations. Index. 352 pp. 1995. $40.00

A comprehensive study illuminating the depth and scope of Jung’s magnum opus and its relevance to everyday life. Here is a treasury of material for understanding and amplifying modern dreams and other unconscious contents.

ISBN 0-919123-70-8. Index. 160 pp. 1995. $25.00

The great American novel Moby-Dick is a psychological document which, like a dream, needs interpretation and elaboration of its images for its meaning to emerge fully. The subtitle of this work underscores the correspondence between Melville’s deep internal struggle and the hidden complexities within us all.

ISBN 0-919123-72-4. 30 illustrations. Index. 208 pp. 1996. $30.00

In Aion Jung took the archetype of the God-image (the Self) as his subject and demonstrated how it has revealed itself progressively in the course of the Christian aeon. Like its companion volume, The Mysterium Lectures (title 66), this is an invaluable resource for understanding symbolic images.

ISBN 0-919123-86-4. Index. 128 pp. 1999. $25.00

The purpose of this book is not to study philosophy, but rather to track the psyche as it manifests in the archetypal ideas that so gripped the early Greeks. Dr. Edinger’s unique perspective relates the Greeks’ ideas to modern psychological experience.

ISBN 0-919123-87-2. Index. 160 pp. 1999. $25.00

Focuses on the ideas of Paul of Tarsus and Simon Magus; then explores those of their descendants: in the Church, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Tertullian and Augustine; in the Gnostic line, Marcion, Basilides, Valentinus and Mani. A final chapter clarifies their psychological significance for the modern individual.

ISBN 0-919123-91-0. Index. 160 pp. 2000. $25.00

A psychological commentary on the so-called prophetic books in the Bible (from Isaiah to Malachi), continuing Edinger’s detailed exegesis begun in The Bible and the Psyche (title 24), which examined the historical books (from Genesis to Esther).

ISBN 0-919123-94-5. Illustrated. Index. 96 pp. 2001. $25.00

Explores the development of our understanding of the nature of the Self and its relationship to the ego. Traces manifestations of the archetypes of the tragic hero, the sacred marriage and the search for wholeness through a close analysis of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure and Romeo and Juliet, and two plays by Sophocles, Oedipus the King and Oedipus at Colonus.

ISBN 1-894574-03-6. 128 pp. 2002. $25.00

Five insightful essays by the late dean of American Jungian analysts: “The Transference Phenomenon,” “The Therapeutic Life,” “Encounter with the Greater Personality,” “The Vocation of Depth Psychotherapy,” and “Science of the Soul” (an edited transcript of his celebrated 1997 video series). The many readers who have appreciated Dr. Edinger’s other books will be delighted with this new selection.

ISBN 1-894574-09-5. 22 illustrations. Index. Sewn. 160 pp. 2004. $25.00

The Biblical Psalms are the great treasury of Judeo-Christian spirituality. Yahweh dwells within them. Psychologically, this means that the living presence of the Self animates the Psalms, which therefore have the power to constellate the archetype of the God-image in those individuals who are receptive to their influence. Even many self-professed irreligious people have been astonished to discover that certain Psalms were the only texts that spoke to their condition during a period of grave psychic upheaval.

Today, traditional Judeo-Christianity is at a crucial turning point. But the poetry of the Psalms still rewards the effort to understand and relate their message to individual, contemporary, psychological experience. Originally a lecture series, The Sacred Psyche resonates with Dr. Edinger’s heartfelt, deeply honest responses to these powerful texts.

125. An American Jungian: In Honor of Edward F. Edinger
Edited by George R. Elder and Dianne D. Cordic
ISBN 9781894574266. Illustrated. Index. 288 pp. 2009. $35.00

This extraordinary compilation brings together essays and reviews by Dr. Edinger together with appreciations by others of his work and interviews with him. None of it has previously been published in book form.

Edward F. Edinger was such a significant presence in the worldwide Jungian community that this volume can only begin to assess his greatness as an interpreter of Jung’s work and his dedication to the significance of Analytical psychology—but it well illustrates his worth.

ISBN Mixed. Sewn. Index. 528 pp. 2016. $60.00

Edward F. Edinger was a significant presence in the worldwide Jungian community.

This bundle offers substantial savings but each title is otherwise available for individual purchase.